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  • About BRI Energy

    BRI Energy is a subsidiary of BRI Group. The team brings decades of successful experiences in designing, developing and deploying smart energy solution worldwide. The leadership team consists of industry veteran, technologists and former executives from Fortune 500 companies in silicon valley. BRI Energy provides turnkey renewable energy off-grid solutions including Solar, Energy storage, EV charging, Energy Management solutions for clients with high energy demand e.g. Data Center, Medical Center, Agriculture, Commercial & Industrial Real Estate Projects, and Residential customer needs.


    BRI ENERGY SOLUTION is designed based on its proprietary RAISE Framework.


    RAISE: Reliable - Affordable - Impactful - Sustainable - Environmental


    We deeply value our customers and strive to deliver the best performing solution in the industry.

  • BRI Smart Energy Solution Highlights

    RAISE: Reliable - Affordable - Impactful - Sustainable - Environmental

    BRI Energy, BRI Smart Energy Power Unit

    Smart Energy Storage Solution (ESS)

    Industry Leading Battery Technology

    • High performance, large capacity, long-lifespan Lithium iron phosphate batteries.
    • Digital control, unattended automatic operation.
    • A comprehensive, reliable monitoring system, strong data processing and transmission capabilities user-friendly interface.
    • High-performance bi-directional converters, with high speed, precision, and stability characteristics.
    • Equipped with a reliable fault protection unit with fault self-diagnosis abilities.
    • The solution has been approved and deployed to global Fortune 500 corporation.
    • BRI Energy proprietary design, an integrated system solution for Data Center clients. The custom design solution is available for the commercial, industrial and residential market.
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    Zero Tile - Solar Powered Roof Tile

    Two in One Design - Roof Tile + Solar Power Tile

    • Modern building-integrated solar power tile features two in one design that is beautiful and generates electricity for everyday use.
    • Market proven technology for high-efficiency and durability. Manufacturer guarantee for 25 years.
    • Competitive pricing and partner-friendly solutions for wholesalers, distributors and building owners.
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    Self-Powered Smart Pole Solution

    Critical infrastructure solution for Smart City

    • Self-Powered Smart Pole Solution designed for off-grid and enable the smart pole to be deployed and installed anywhere in the world.
    • Integrated with Environmental Sensors, Security Camera, Wifi/4G/5G modules, Speakers, Advertising Display Unit, EV Charging Port, Emergency Alert System, Smart LED Lighting with dimming features, etc.
    • The integrated environmental sensors functions, such as temperature and humidity, PM2.5, PM10, UV and other parameters. These sensors resist changes in temperature and humidity and provide basic weather data.

    • The integrated solution for advertisement display is available with high brightness, high refresh, waterproof protection IP65, P3 to P5 pixels pitch outdoor LED. The display program can be set and managed remotely.

    • The integrated EV Charging solution includes a safety lock during charging. As an option, it can be combined with access authentication via a RFID or QR code, communication and metering.

    • Connectivity Platform allows remote management and access control.
    • Smart Pole solution helps you achieve more than 70% energy saving.
    • Management dashboard and reporting.
    • The cameras integrated with smart pole include image optimization features such as night vision, superior contrasts, high brightness, and backlight compensation, 360° PTZ IP cameras.

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    Smart EV Fast Charging Solution

    Critical infrastructure solution for Smart City

    • Fashion and compact, black tempered glass panel. Digital Display For Content & Advertising.

    • Smart Charging Feature intelligently adjusts the statue of the power module according to the demand of charging power, which makes the power module works at the perfect efficiency.

    • Super Compatible, providing 60~120KW output power, compatible with different Power modules.

    • Fast Charging, power modules are developed to improve the fast charging experience of electric vehicles. With creative design and ingenious shape, the power modules apply state-of-the-art technology, presenting a number of industry-leading functions.

    • Modular design, able to adjust the configuration flexibly according to customer demand.

    • High Stability, Control circuit and power circuit are isolated completely, increasing anti-jam capacity.

    • Low Energy Consumption, Unique Sleep Mode, High Conversion Efficiency, Intelligent Parallel Mode.

    • High Reliability, All Temperature Monitor, Three-proofing Design, MTBF> 100,000 Hours

    • Full Protection, PFC Wave-by-Wave Current Limit Protection,
      LLC Resonant Cavity Over Current Protection (Patented Technology)

    • Portable charger

    • AC charger and DC charger

    • Software cloud management platform and mobile apps support.

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    Real-Time Data & Power Management Cloud Solution

    Connected Smart Power Management Tool

    • Advanced power conditioning systems utilize bi-directional converters with ultra ranging from 18kW to 1MW.

    • Communication with the battery management system ensures safety and optimal performance of the whole system.

    • Real-Time Data is accessible by Android/IOS Smart device ready and accessible.

    • BRI Energy Proprietary Smart Energy Management Algorithm.

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    Industry Leading Renewable Energy Solution

    World's Leading Renewable Energy Systems

    • High conversion efficiency cells and modules. More than 15% Energy harvesting than regular Solar System.

    • Arcing-proof, Fire-proof low voltage solution.

    • Real-time system monitoring with IoT system.

    • Modularized system design for the Commercial, Residential and Industrial markets.

    • BRI Energy proprietary design and system integration with top OEM.

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    Smart Grid Solution

    Proprietary algorithm on smart load balancing

    • Modernizes power systems through smart grid auto-balancing designs with BRI proprietary algorithm, automation, remote monitoring & control, and establishment of microgrids.
    • Integration of distributed and renewable energy resources.
    • Optimize energy usage, mitigate overall utility cost.
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