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  • Bridge The Digital Divide With

    Renewable Powered Digital Infrastructure

    Turnkey Digital Infrastructure Solution For The Fast Growing Digital Demand

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    Turnkey Renewable Energy Solution

    Turnkey solution for Utility-Scale Solar Project

    BRI Infrastructure Partners offers turnkey solutions designed for utility companies, data centers, government, commercial buildings, schools, and industrial parks, etc. The system enables clients to stay off-grid and access to renewable power.

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    Turnkey Energy Storage System Solution

    Solution best fit for high energy consuming facilities

    Turnkey solution designed for high energy-consuming facilities such as data centers, cold storage facilities. The solution features off-grid design, energy balance, monitoring, peak hour balance etc to cut down utility cost.

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    Turnkey Self-Powered Internet Connectivity Solution

    Solution best fit for rural areas, islands, coastal areas and emerging regions

    Self-powered Internet Connectivity Platform utilizes renewable energy power source and high energy efficient energy storage unit with an ultra-long-range internet coverage designed for the underserved markets.

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    Project Financing Solution

    Bankable solution designed for project financing

    Project Financing Solution is the key to the project's success. Our unique project financing model and structure is designed to ensure large scale projects stay affordable, scalable and bankable.

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